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  • Faith Formation Resumes

    Welcome Back,
    Summer is nearing its end and I, like you, am excited to begin another event filled year of Religious Education here at St. Timothy. For those of you attending 9AM Mass this week please take a moment to welcome back our students and families. They will be seated in the pews we reserve for them each week. I am sure they would appreciate a warm welcome from their fellow parishioners.
    To date we still have several families who have yet to submit their registration paperwork for the 2015-2016 School Year. I would invite you to submit that if you have not done so already. Please do not let the cost of registration keep you from participating. Be sure to see me and we can discuss scholarships. Also keep in mind that today is our first class; parents and students should attend the entire session. Parents will meet in the hall with their children to begin and then separate for the class before joining again for a communal lunch at 11:45.
    Remember: Faith Formation is a LIFELONG process. Our Religious Education Program serves those from grades Pre K- 8. We also have several opportunities for those who have received the Sacrament of Confirmation and currently in High School, as well as parents who are interested in exploring more about their faith.
    For more information see me and I will be glad to explore those opportunities with you and your family.
    In the peace of our Lord,
    Andrew Lo Faro
    Coordinator of Religious Education

  • Coffee &
    Returns from Summer Hiatus

    The Sunday Hospitality Ministry will serve “Coffee &” after the 7:00 AM and 9:00 AM Masses beginning Sunday, August 23 in the Parish Hall.  All are welcome.